Listening to the Britpop Revival show on Phonic FM is a thoroughly depressing experience

Nick the host is a bumbling kind of guy that one imagines, if he didn’t have his show, would be out there, above the the railway tracks with notepad and camera in hand excitedly jotting down some useless information about some old train nobody else except other soon to be divorced trainspotting men give a flying fuck about.

I imagine his wife, if he even has one has long since left him, bored to tears of his awful obsession and has run off with somebody, anybody who doesn’t get more sexually aroused about seeing the flying Scotsman uncovered than her.6B79CF63 BE88 46C3 A795 08447D5A0F1F

However Nick isn’t s train spotter (that I know of) and I don’t know his current relationship status

What I do know is he hosts the absolute best Britpop show for men of a certain age who dress in (wife bought) supermarket jeans and have nothing but fond memories of Virgin cola, early Labour under Tony Blair and keep a particular soft spot in their hearts for 25p mars bars and original flavour lucozade.

Yes Nick may be as stimulating as an 8 hour night shift in Tesco but his music taste is 2nd to none and if you don’t learn something after listening to him for half an hour I’d call you a liar, honestly I get paid on what I know about music and Nick is so far ahead with regards to Britpop it hurts!

The aptly named Britpop Revival Show is a weekly radio show coming out on Exeter on Phonic FM between 6-8pm every Wednesday day however I’ve been listening on Mixcloud as I’ve got a partner who needs to spend 6-8pm EVERY night complaining about her job!

Quick bit about Phonic FM, they are truly independent, No Ads No Sponsors nothing zero zip, they can play what they want without upsetting the same ghastly sponsor your locate radio station has to pander to, demanding they play whatever whiny white women is flavour of the week upwards of 25 times a day along with the Monkees DayDream Believer... every ... single…. fucking…. morning…. (Yes I’ve had THAT job too)B81982E8 750B 49CF B226 82499EB45FFF

Like the name suggests Nick and the team have created an amazing show around “Britpop” and his knowledge of the era is truly astounding, I thought I knew about Britpop but after listening to a couple of shows I felt the urge to rush around the house and locate all my Ride, Boo Radleys and Elastica CDs and re-educate myself.881BA700 D325 4E27 9DE2 31219B8394FD

Their is a segment on practically every  aspect of Britpop from featured album, interviews with people you’ve actually heard, released this year, new band of the week and incredibly prize giveaways (This weeks competition was 2 tickets to Noel Gallagher at Powderham Castle!)

Sure it’s not going to win an originally awards but that’s not the point of the show and it can’t be any less stimulating that listening to Jess Glynee or whatever the fuck she’s called whine on about her first world problems while some “DJ” babbles aimlessly away like they’ve just  broken into the confiscation room at Columbia airport.

I actually contacted Nick a while ago and after a couple of emails I didn’t hear back from him, so I thought I’d throw together this quickly and see what happened!

Nick, this is directly to YOU, if you’re not too busy counting train couplings give me a shout, we love your show and want a free T-shirt!


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