Steve Parkinson says "Kanadia Are Brillant" and if Steve says it, then it must be true!

“The best band out of Oxford since Supergrass” (seriously!) 

Ok Steve, we”ll check ‘em out...


So I was chatting to Steve Parkinson (yes, THAT Steve Parkinson!) and as per usual we were discussing the awful effects of an ever increasing capitalist culture in society and the detrimental impact it seems to be having on the music business in the UK.

(Actually I was complaining about the the fact that pretty much every business on Facebook follows the same tired old path, 1) Create post 2 ) Post at certain time(s) for maximum exposure 3) Wait for sales to come tumbling in! Marketing for Dummies)

“I think record companies are criminals.”

Jon Bon Jovi - 2001

Sorry but I've got to rant about this real quick....

Just trust me for a second, what I just said about this is the basic premise for 95% of Facebook business posts, go and have a look the last time Discogs did a follow up comment on a post (they don't)  they aren't interested in talking to you, the only thing they care about is your money, if they took the time to talk to you, that is time spent when you're not buying anything and they're not earning 8% on every sale!
They don't give f**k what band you're passionate about, what the greatest album sleeve is or last gig you went to, all they want is your money.)index

(Sorry about that, this is meant to be a band interview but I've not been sleeping well) Steve and I (and the rest of you guys, I can't list all 3,657 of you) are chatting about music and he says to me


"Hey Nick, have you checked out Kanadia they don't get any exposure but are brilliant"

(why would they!?  any big company with a large following isn’t interested at this stage! it’s  not going to help sales by wasting their talking to some unknown band from Oxford)

"No Steve, not heard of them, are they friends of yours?"

"I don't know them, think they are from Oxford area, hopefully they will play Leeds or Sheffield soon"

"Thanks Steve, I'll check them out now"



“Jazz, isn’t that just a series of mistakes diguised as musical composition?”

David St. Hubbins of Spinal Tap – 1992


Steve as you well know is a  very respected individual within music circles with an amazing ear for new music and given  the fact he was going to bat for an relatively unknown band from Oxford, who's sound had filtered up to him just north of  Grimsby was enough for me to give Kanadia a listen.
(if Steve says they're brilliant that's enough for me)

I could write you a load of noise here with some ridiculous quotes, 5 star bullshit, NME  speed addled rubbish, how they sound like Radiohead or U2,” the thinking man Stereophonics” but what would be the point....KanadiabyIanWallman 50


Just listen to the links below and then read the interview with James, the drummer for Kanadia and see why writing a load of pretentious  bollocks would be a pointless exercise , they are simply brillant and I  currently cannot write as well as these guys, I encourage you to make up your own minds about Kanadia, go and give them a listen and remember, Steve says there “Brillant”, let me know what you think, jump on Facebook, we’re listening to you.



Kanadia - Ocean Blue

Kanadia - Anything For A Good Time


 1) Who & When did the band start? 

We started in 2016 after myself (James) and Melissa relocated from Devon to Oxford. We quickly met Tim and Jack and started gigging on the local music scene which was very welcoming towards us.

2) Why call the band kanadia? 

It's the name of one of our oldest songs that we put out on our first EP. We came up with the song title years ago when our drummer mistakenly mentioned the country. We thought it sounded mysterious.

3) How did you all meet? 

Melissa and myself were in a few old bands back in Devon before moving to Oxford. Jack and Tim had been in a few bands themselves too. We put up a few ads online and quickly gelled together. 

4) How would you best describe the sound of the band? 

Since we have started our sound has definitely developed and we are always looking to challenge ourselves and stay interested in what we do. We generally just say alternative or alternative rock. We admit we can be pretty loud, especially live. We do enjoy making what some people refer to as a stadium sound using big guitars. We always like to include some electronic elements to our sound too. Like sub bass, loops and some drum samples. This is definitely something we are exploring more and more in our recent material.


“Anyone who thinks they’re happy should really see a doctor, because there is no reason to be happy.”

Marilyn Manson - 1998

5) You've been favourably compared to U2,Muse and Radiohead, would you agree with that assessment? 

All three of those bands have been big influences on us growing up, especially as teenagers. They were the bands that got me into music and songwriting. So yes, I would say we are always flattered to draw those comparisons.

6) Who are the biggest influences on the band?

We all admire bands who drastically change throughout their career and keep you interested from album to album. The best example of this is probably Radiohead. We all love bands and artists like TV On The Radio, My Morning Jacket, Fleet Foxes, Beach House, Massive Attack. The list could go on and on. Not all of these influences might be immediately obvious, but they have definitely all played a role in influencing us.

7) What is the music scene like around Oxford?

 Side Note (The band didn't want to answer this one, I'll assume terrible, anyone from Oxford let me know what it's like down there, can't be any worse than Cornwall's non existent scene )

8) We really like "Ugly Truth" & "Poison" what songs are you most proud of or mean the most to you personally?

Thank you! I think most of the band are with you on Poison. We all have our own personal favourites. I think we are all very proud of what we did with Otherside using harmonies and strings. My personal favourite is Anything For A Good Time. We went on a big journey with that song before we arrived at the stripped back piano version. It was done in one take and I really love how raw it turned out, it really works well with the meaning.

9) Loves the videos, so ingenious, is anyone the "creative force" behind them? 

We put a lot of work into the videos as a band. We have worked with several different directors who all contribute to the final version. Generally the band all get together and brainstorm ideas. Into The Flames was probably the toughest for us so far. We had to source props, build a set, transport it from location too location and then set it all on fire using petrol. The clean up was not fun and it was such a long day, but it was all worth it in the end. We try to be as ambitious as we can within our financial limitations. We are always looking for new directors and fresh ideas! so if anyone is reading this please do get in touch.

10) Is there any band (s) you're listening to currently that you would recommend to us?

We recently discovered a few tracks by Sharon Van Etten that we are quite into. Pumarosa's first album has been on repeat a lot for us over the past few months. I'm also just rediscovering Fleet Foxes third album  which threw me a bit at first, but im really getting into it now.


11) What is next for kanadia?

We are heading out on tour this autumn. Our first date is a hometown show back in Ilfracombe, Devon, which we haven't played for a few years. We are all really looking forward to that. After that we are playing Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Glasgow, Falkirk and Aberdeen. The tickets for our tour are on sale now. Alongside this we will be working on a new video and also plan to get back in the studio to start recording some new material for late this year or early next year.




Intagram: @kanadia band 

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