“Has there ever been a night where I’ve been like ‘If I play fucking ‘Give It Away’ again my cock’s gonna fall off’?

Flea - Red Hot Chili Peppers


Honestly, if you don't know the obvious answer to the question above please stop reading..you are an idiot and it's very unlikey we'll be friends...

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“I don’t know anything about music, In my line you don’t have to.”
Elvis Presley

I've been chatting to you guys on Facebook (Hello Dave) for a while now and one thing I've noticed is time and time again that certain bands over the years can get away with playing basically any setlist they like and that you diehard fans buying tickets year after year, no matter how greedy concert promoters become.51lD0dZmJ2L

Agree with me so far??

"Let me be clear about this: I don’t have a drug problem, I have a police problem.”
Keith Richards

And then their is those "other bands" and their fans, the one that buys the  concert ticket to hear the band of their youth playing the hits they remember during there 20's, if they don't hear the well known songs they can sing along to they feel cheated, this band attracts an audience who has grown up but doesn't think their band should have.AR 306039720

Flea made this comment about one of the Peppers most well known songs, however it can easily be attributed to pretty good cross sections of bands who have sold more copies of their "Greatest Hits"  than any other album they've ever released.

People go hear the Chilli's play "Under The Bridge" "Scar Tissue" "By The Way" "Can't Stop" "Dani California"  and of course give "Give It Away"

I actually like the Chilli Peppers and if I was more of of a pI'd want to hear these songs in concert, not "No Love Chump Sucker" from The Uplift Mofo Party Plan or "Jungle Man" from Freaky Styley.

Still with me?

"Dogs smoke in France.”
Ozzy Osbourne

Sure, some diehard fan of this band would want to hear the obscure and b-sides but the typical fan just wants a setlist made up of the "Greatest Hits" and a cool t shirt he can wear to work the next day before putting in the back of his wardrobe.91fvJYumwrL. SY355

Lots of other bands fall into this category R.E.M , U2 The Who, Aerosmith Simple Minds Tears For Fears Duran Duran,  all great bands who play (or played) a Greatest Hits set.

I have absolutely nothing again these bands (R.E.M and Aerosmith are 2 of my favourite bands) it's just they have (or had in R.E.M's case) a overall different fan base who grew up with these bands and want to hear the music of their youth, not the b-side (Mandolin Strum, name that group Dave!)

Are You Still Here...?rem

And then there are those other bands who attract an almost cult type following, have you ever spent anytime talking with Iron Maiden fans....wow??

Honestly that band could go out on stage and and play a set of assorted nursery rhymes for 2 hours and the audience would love it, Maiden fans don't give a crap about a "Greatest Hits" set, they have bought a ticket to see their idols play something, anything!! Sure they want to hear "Aces High" and "Run To The Hills" too (doesn't everyone?!) but honestly if  Maiden went out and played the a show of b-sides the audience would go fucking wild.

Similar bands like Radiohead Alice In Chains Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure could do similar sets made up of obscure releases and covers and it would keep fans coming back every time.

This isn't made to be a judgement of either audience, just an observation of the how certain bands attract a certain type of fan and what we as an audience expect of our heroes.

If you stuck with us come have a chat on Facebook, later on we're complaing about the Beatles so that should be fun.

Sometimes we pee on each other before we go on stage.”
― Trent Reznor