James Griffiths is a self taught robot building building enthusiastic who regularly tours the country with his fully automated fighting robot GRIFFALO

Today he has set his sights on recreating an original BRUM from the 90's BBC show to help raise money for charity and spread awareness of children with disabilities.



I spoke with James recently about his plans and how you too can help this fantastic take on a life of its own.

Firstly, why Brum?
Brum was one of my absolute favourite children shows growing up in the 90s. Its only in recent times I realised how culturally imported the show was. It highlighted children with disabilities and other needs at a time when it wasn't as widely discussed as it is today.75371571 2473773172946967 8663443687415480320 n

Is it something a “cult” show today?
Yes the show was very big in the U.K (and later worldwide) in the early 90s due in part of the ability to easily make the show multilingual, later on in the 00's the BBC bought him back for 2 more series, you can still by the episodes on DVD or stream online.

Is there anybody else building one?
Not that I currently know of no, there has been a few people that have tried but Ragdoll (The people that originally made Brum) are still very hush hush over him technically and unfortunately all the original builders of Brum builders are no longer with us so any technical information involves tons of meticulous research online.

It's obviously a passion of yours, does it remind you of a period of time in your life?
Yes my family used to take me to see him at Bourton-on-the-water Motor Museum as a child which is only about 30mins driver from where I live currently live, Its only later when I started looking into this project I I found out he was the stunt Brum72219727 2413260438938355 438847586367963136 n

Do you need any kind of licensing permission to recreate him?
No it's all fine and above board, I've contacted Ragdoll and it's fine just as long as I don't start making products of Brum to sell

How much are you estimating he will he cost to build?
Honestly answer is I'm not sure yet, I mean the tyres alone will be £125. 250X8 is a very odd size for tyres today, I imagine it will be far easier for me build the requires parts than attempting to source them.

What is your build time frame?
There is no build time per se, however I will hopefully be uploading videos on YouTube once a month after Christmas so patrons can follow my progress and ask questions.

76197822 949969448715053 4824072155509555200 nHow does this fit in with Griffalo?
Building Griffalo has helped me understand more about electrical and engineering than I ever thought  possible so I'm sure this will help out massively with the project when we get stuck in in the New Year.

Do you plan on showing him?
Yes definitely, I personally would love to be able to park him next to all the original Brums and of course one of the main reasons we are building him is to be able to raise money for charity.

Do you have to custom make all the parts?
Yes 90% will be all custom made and it doesn't make it easy I don't have an actual Brum in front of me, that being said I do have tons of images and technical drawings so this will undoubtedly help when it comes to the fabrication.

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BRUM at a chairty event 2017


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