James Griffiths is a self taught robot building building enthusiastic who regularly tours the country with his fully automated fighting robot GRIFFALO

Today he has set his sights on recreating an original BRUM from the 90's BBC show to help raise money for charity and spread awareness of children with disabilities.


17 years ago I was "encourage to buy" the hip hop album of Phrase Mob from a friend of my drug dealer....

Now  17 years later, they're still together, just strong as ever and currently working on a whole new set of groundbreaking beats  (and that drug dealer still hasn't been caught, mind blowing!)

I recently sat down and spoke with the Andy Hamilton, DJ from Phrase Mob,  to talk about the group and what we can expect from one of the best UK underground Hip Hop groups of the past 20 years



From Heavy Metal gods to washed up second rate pop stars, everybody has their price (and at No.7 David Ellefson is going dirt cheap)

Steve Parkinson says "Kanadia Are Brillant" and if Steve says it, then it must be true!

“The best band out of Oxford since Supergrass” (seriously!) 

Ok Steve, we”ll check ‘em out...

I've been called a "Lazy Journalist" by a Punk Legend, my life is complete.... 



20 Musical Mug Shots

From Joplin to Weiland

 and Remember




“Has there ever been a night where I’ve been like ‘If I play fucking ‘Give It Away’ again my cock’s gonna fall off’?

Flea - Red Hot Chili Peppers


 1.The Stooges - Raw Power (1973)

2.Pixies – Surfer Rosa

3.The Breeders – Pod (1990)

4.The Vaselines – Dying for It (1988, listed as Pink EP)

5.The Shaggs – Philosophy of the World (1969)

6.Fang – Landshark! (1982)

7.MDC – Millions of Dead Cops (1981)

And now….  A total puff piece of writing, purely promotional and 100% unauthorized

A long time ago when men were men and women knew that their rightful place was at home, Sinatra strode like a whiskey soaked giant across the American musical landscape.

By 1948 he was the undisputed musical caesar, “The Voice” who could screw any man's wife with easily, his piercing blue gaze picking off boarded housewives like a hyena looking for the weak, yes Sinatra truly was a god amongst men.

Nick is a lying snake, a wiley little fellow who dodges the subject of delivering on the promised free T-shirt at every turn, he is a slippery gypsy and not to be trusted!

They’re a funny breed in Devon and more than a few of them should be given a very wide berth!

This however does not apply to Nick, an absolute legend in Exeter who wields an ungodly knowledge over Britpop and his show Britpop Revival is hands down the best radio show for “Cool Britannia” I’ve ever heard.

John Lennon was an arsehole!

This isn’t click bait or some rant about ripping off drug addled scumbags in Cornwall.... John lennon really was just a pretentious money grabbing wife beating arsehole

Looking down at her filthy fingernails I seriously questioned weather this fat little troll had been in the presence of soap and water this side Christmas.

She demanded again “How much you wanna give me?”  her thick Cornish accent only cut my patience slightly further.

Listening to the Britpop Revival show on Phonic FM is a thoroughly depressing experience

Nick the host is a bumbling kind of guy that one imagines, if he didn’t have his show, would be out there, above the the railway tracks with notepad and camera in hand excitedly jotting down some useless information about some old train nobody else except other soon to be divorced trainspotting men give a flying fuck about.

I’m sure it used to be a garden fence, the rotting slates that lay buried in the foot high grass are a lingering indication something once stood here, weeds, the size of small bushes are dotted amongst an assortment of broken bicycles, plastic coke bottles, beer cans and fag ends, huge piles of dog crap in varying stages of decay add to the general depressing ambiance of the place...